The NUC or Next Unit of Computing is Intel’s vision of the natural evolution of the PC from the bulky towers that find themselves underneath our desks to a significantly smaller form factor that can sit unobtrusively on your table or desk. Of course, today’s NUCs may be good enough for everyday computing, but you don’t often think of them as hardcore gaming machines. That’s changed with the arrival of the Intel Skull Canyon NUC, which features a 6th generation Intel Core i7 processor, Intel’s Iris Pro graphics, not to mention Thunderbolt 3. And to emphasize its gaming prowess, the Skull Canyon comes with a skull logo lid.

The Skull Canyon should be able to handle many of today’s games, albeit certainly not at max settings. Still, it’s nice to have this kind of performance at the ready. And not just for games either. Its ability to support 4K resolution on 3 monitors at once will be a boon for video editors as well.

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