About a year after their release, the iPhone 12 series are getting a price drop in the Philippines

The iPhone 12 series price drop comes after the iPhone 13 series came out. So if you’re been waiting for an upgrade now is the right time. Either you wait for the new iPhones to arrive in the Philippines, or get the last-gen’s models instead at a cheaper price.


That said, you can check the new prices below. Bear in mind that these SRPs are from Apple’s official website. Sadly, the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max are now out of Apple’s official line-up. However, they are still available on retailers like Beyond the Box, so we’ve added their prices, too.

ModelOld SRP
(Apple PH
(Apple PH
Beyond the Box
iPhone 12 mini 64GBPhp43,990Php38,990Php40,990
iPhone 12 mini 128GBPhp46,990Php41,990Php43,990
iPhone 12 mini 256GBPhp52,990Php47,990Php49,990
iPhone 12 64GBPhp49,990Php44,990Php46,990
iPhone 12 128GBPhp52,990Php47,990Php49,990
iPhone 12 256GBPhp58,990Php53,990Php55,990
iPhone 12 Pro 128GBPhp62,990Php60,490
iPhone 12 Pro 256GBPhp68,990Php66,490
iPhone 12 Pro 512GBPhp80,990Php78,490
iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GBPhp68,990Php66,490
iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GBPhp74,990Php72,490
iPhone 12 Pro Max 512GBPhp86,990Php84,490

Besides the iPhone 13 series, iPhone 12, and 12 mini, the iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone 11 is still part of Apple’s official line-up.

The iPhone SE 2021 starts at Php26,490 for the 64GB model and Php29,490 for the 128GB. Meanwhile, the iPhone 11 comes in 64GB and 128GB models for Php31,990 and Php34,990, respectively.

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