iPhone users can now try Samsung’s Galaxy experience with ‘iTest’ app


Hey, iPhone user, do you want to switch to Android but want to check first if it’s the right OS for you? There’s an iPhone web-based app for that. It’s called iTest, and it’s made by Samsung.

By visiting the iTest interactive website, you’ll be asked to add a web app on your iPhone’s home screen. When you launch it, you’ll have a simulation of Android in Samsung’s customized Galaxy user interface.

The simulation is quite immersive. You can open apps, switch between UI themes, and view the Galaxy Store. You can even try the call and messaging features with automated test calls and messages.

Some featured Samsung apps, such as Samsung Kids and Samsung Health, are also provided with tutorials. But as it’s just a simulation, a lot of features have also been simplified.

The website only works for iPhones, though. It won’t work with other handsets or even with the iPad for some reason.

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