Remember the Jeepney Simulator game that was being developed by two students based in Davao? They have reached a new milestone as the game is now available for download on Steam.

The duo calls themselves Spacezero Interactive and released the Jeepney Simulator game on Steam last July 17, 2023. It has a price of only Php199.


For a quick recap, players can have the full experience of being a Jeepney driver. From driving the vehicle, collecting fares, and even providing for the family.



The game has a Family Management system where they would have to manage their family’s health and happiness by interacting with them, buying furniture from the fares they’ve collected, and picking the right choices in randomized events.

Players can also walk around their garage, push the start button, and even switch the gears of their vehicle.


Drivers will drive through and collect passengers through the streets of Dabbo City, a play on Davao City. It will also feature the city’s prominent establishments and sceneries, which have been renamed for copyright purposes.

The Steam listing states that the minimum system requirement is a dual-core CPU at 2.4GHz, having at least 2GB of RAM, GeForce GTS 450-class GPU, and 2GB of storage.

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