Last June 21, Monday, one of the Philippines’ biggest e-commerce platforms, Lazada, confirmed a new phishing scam that involves its official SMS account.

As per Rappler, one of their readers sent them an email revealing the scam. The sender included screenshots of apparently a message he received from Lazada’s SMS account and different OTPs sent with an unusual message claiming that he won a prize, which can be claimed by opening a link.

After clicking the link, the reader was sent to strange websites claiming that a prize was indeed has been won. The links are and — sketchy links that should be avoided.

Afterward, the reader landed a page asking for his credit card details and was asked to pay EUR35 (around Php1,500) to redeem the prize. The reader was able to avoid the scam after contacting Lazada directly.

Asked for a statement, a Lazada spokesperson said:

“We have been made aware of this new scam, where individuals are lured by an SMS message to make a transaction outside of the Lazada platform in order to qualify for a prize. Lazada does not have such a promotion, will never require our customers to share personal bank details or make a transaction outside of our platform,”

Lazada spokesperson reply to Rappler

What’s alarming is, the messages were received via the official Lazada SMS account. The e-commerce website is still investigating the issue.


Lazada reminded its users to only communicate via the official app.

Source: Rappler

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