Illegal seller of fake DITO-branded Globe modems arrested


In an announcement, Globe Telecom said that the Philippine National Police (PNP) has arrested one illegal reseller of DITO-branded Globe modems.

If you remember, both Globe and DITO issued a warning a couple of days ago about Globe WiFi modems being slapped with DITO branding and then sold online.

Source: Globe Telecom

Globe said that this is an act of intellectual property infringement, while DITO said that they can’t guarantee to customers that such modems will work 100% with their network.

With that, the PNP has arrested illegal reseller Marlou de Pax. A 33-year-old from Pala-Pala, Brgy. Sampaloc Darmariñas, Cavite.

Source: Globe Telecom

The seller apparently uses Globe At Home Tozed S10g modem, slap with DITO stickers and branding, and sells them as DITO’s.

According to the police report, de Paz is under investigation for violating RA 8484 or the Access Devices Regulation Act of 1998. He was caught selling “openline DITO modems” illegally on different Facebook groups for Cavite-based buyers.

The post openly claimed that the modems are indeed Tozed “S10g Home Prepaid WiFi device” units.

As per Globe Telecom, they are currently the only distributor of said Tozed S10G modems in the Philippines.

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