Lenovo Bendable Laptop Concept

At an event, Lenovo introduced a new wild concept that is very familiar. They announce a Lenovo bendable laptop concept. This crazy portable computer idea will utilize a flexible screen, instead of the usual hinge, to tuck the notebook.

Disappointingly, Lenovo didn’t have any tangible prototype to showcase it. Instead, they only showed a visual that shows a laptop that looks like paper but is actually made from plastic with a display embedded on it.

It looks like the whole thing can be “rolled” when not in use, judging by the image shown. The graphic also promotes its voice controls, as we’re not seeing a trackpad attached to it.

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And just like any recent laptop, it looks like the Lenovo bendable laptop concept can actually be used as a paper (or canvas) since the image stars a stylus projected in a pencil body.

While this kind of laptop is still far from reality, we’re pretty enthusiastic about its success. We’ve already seen tech companies like Samsung come up with a bendable display. Hence, the Lenovo bendable laptop concept isn’t one of the flunk, too-good-to-be-true concept.

Source: Mashable

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