Humanity has been on a long conquest to find a way to live forever. While that’s still impossible physically, it looks possible to live for eternity on the metaverse —not for you, but for the people you care about.

This is what Somnium Space is trying to do. It’s a Czech VR company that specializes in VR products made for the blockchain. They also use NFTs that allow people to own virtual real estate to create or store virtual assets.

As per an interview with Vice, they are planning to create a “Live Forever” mode, which will allow users to create a virtual version of themselves using avatars that have their voice, appearance, and personality.

CEO Artur Sychov came up with the idea after his father was taken by cancer a few years back.


With this, they were able to create an AI construct that could apparently interact with a dead person’s friends and family. It should feel mind-blowingly real, until after a few minutes when you realize that it’s just AI.

“You will meet the person. And you would, maybe for the first 10 minutes while talking to that person, you would not know that it’s actually AI. That’s the goal.” the CEO said in the interview.

To create the said AI, the company would have to collect a huge amount of data. It sounds daunting at first, but considering how realistic they want it to be, it’s no surprise that they’d be needing that much information.

The required data includes the person’s quirks and movements.

As per the company, the goal is to make it feel like it’s the same person that you’re making a short conversation with until you realize that it’s not.

For those who are worried about privacy violations, the CEO said that users can opt out of the program anytime and can have all of the collected data erased. Also, since the company operated on the blockchain, Sychov believes that they are trustworthy and transparent.

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