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All Lumia WP 8 Devices Upgradable to WP10!

Well, this is good news! One of the main reasons why some people (me included) are somewhat cautious when it comes to the Windows Phone platform is because of the fiasco brought about by the WP7 to WP8 transition. Namely, none of the WP7 devices were upgradable to WP8, including those flagship phones that came out a few months after the announcement. This left a sour taste in a lot of people’s mouths and every new phone releases were suspect of getting the same treatment.

Well, fear not! Microsoft announced via Twitter that all our WP8 devices will be upgradable to WP10. This is in the form of a reply to a user inquiry.


Microsoft have been taking strides to improve their mobile platform, and their more recent efforts have mostly been in the right direction (I’m still on the fence about their move to retire the Nokia branding, though). With this move, they may be able to draw in more customers, particularly those who are wary of investing into the platform because of past mistakes.

[Source: The Verge]

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