Do you wonder why savvy owners of Apple laptops would rather hire the services of independent repair shops? It’s because it’s cheap, obviously, and there’s a new report to prove it.

On August 31, a writer for the Wall Street Journal published a story detailing her experience on having two of her water-damaged Mac computers repaired. When she asked Apple for a quotation, she got $999 to repair a 2017 MacBook Pro and $799 for a 2020 MacBook Air.

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That meant for a couple of hundred bucks more, she could just get a brand-new computer. But at a third-party repair shop, the repair cost went down to $325. Quite a difference, no?

As to why independent shops can offer such a low quotation, that’s because they do individual chip replacements. Apple does not, claiming it’s unreliable. Apple also insists customers hand over damaged gadgets to their own trained technicians, as it’s the safest and most reliable option.

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  1. Yeah. For the MBA, it really isn’t that repairable. They use a lot of glue that isn’t meant to be removed, and they don’t make them upgradable. So. your display dies and they replace the top half. Anything in the bottom and its going to be a new logic board. I got a similar quote for a MBA at an authorized repair center years ago and calculated spending 10k pesos to get a new MBA with this year’s specs or repairing something a few years old. Guess what I chose… My lenovo, as much as I don’t like it, has serviceable RAM, SSD, Wifi/Bluetooth, keyboard, fans, etc. Cost of my repair? 0.