Maya, one of the leading e-wallet and digital banks in the Philippines, has launched a stock trading service called Maya Stocks.

The Maya Stocks is a retail investing service that offers real-time transactions and instant earnings growth opportunities through diverse options. The service, built-in and easily accessible through Maya and its partners, lets users invest in more than 280 publicly listed companies on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE).


This new feature widens the already expansive services available in the Maya app, which also offers easy money transfers, savings, insurance, loans, rewards, and even crypto trading.

The Maya Stocks feature is available starting December 15, 2023. Users will be able to buy, sell, and manage their shares in publicly listed companies via the feature’s marketplace through partner broker Philstocks, and in the future: DragonFi, 2TradeAsia, and Seedbox.

Unlike other digital bank apps, Maya allows users to pick their preferred broker and investment terms.

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairperson Emilio B. Aquino expressed how the new service shows their commitment to “providing Filipinos greater access to legitimate investments.”

The service is expected to improve the adoption of digital transactions in the Philippines. The straightforwardness and accessibility of the service are also seen as a big help in addressing the barriers that Filipinos face when dipping their toes in stock investing.

GCash has also released a similar feature in August.

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