MyPhone finally answers the question we’ve all been asking for.

Throughout the years, a lot of people have been complaining about the presence of the Philippine map on their smartphones. It’s quite annoying really, especially if you’re the type who hates excessive branding. Of course, some might already assume that the reason for it is to show that the product is proudly Filipino. And we probably got that right.

MyPhone Trivia: The Philippine Map#MyPhoneTrivia: Ano nga ba ang malalim na kahulugan ng Mapa ng Pilipinas sa likod ng mga telepono ng MyPhone? Sama-sama po nating alamin sa video na ito. :) #PinoyContentApp #WalaKaSaPhoneKo

Posted by MyPhone on Thursday, April 14, 2016

Watch this short video made by MyPhone!

What do you think? Do you want them to keep it or should they remove it off the back of their devices? Let us know what you think!

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  1. that map is intended to show our pagka-filipino? in the first place, myphone is not filipino made. their units are rebranded units made in china. second, we can show our patriotism in so many ways, not just by emblazoning every phone with the philippine map. imagine if nokia phones have finnish map at the back, samsung with korean map, xiaomi with chinese map, or apple with american map. or, do we want to see our cars designed with a map? baduy di ba? this has nothing to do with the map, but the design concept. myphone’s reason is lame and nonsensical. their phones are actually of good quality, but they’re turning off a lot of potential buyers with that map. believe me, if they take out that map from their phones, they will enjoy higher sales. so i hope myphone’s marketing department will read comments in various tech blogs and see for themselves na maraming hindi natutuwa sa mapa nila.

    1. tama ka diyan. ang dami pa namang pagpipilian ngayon na bang for the buck phones na magaganda ang design, maganda pa ang quality. hindi naman komo ayaw ng phone na may mapa sa likod ay kinakahiya na ang pagka-pilipino. ang sagwa lang kasi tingnan na yung phone mo meron mapa sa likod. sana pag-isipan ng myphone kung paano maging attractive ang models nila in terms of design. kasi ngayon mapili na ang mga consumers pagdating sa phone, kung makapag-offer ka ng phone na hindi lang quality at affordable kundi maganda din ang design, siyempre patok yan sa mga buyers.