The world’s second-largest producer of single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras, Nikon, is halting the development of the technology as it pivots to mirrorless cameras instead, brought about by the intensifying competition with smartphones.

Considered a tool of choice among professional photographers, Nikon’s SLR camera rose to popularity since its introduction in 1959, subsequently becoming synonymous with the company that made it.

Overtaken only by Canon in terms of market share, Nikon has nevertheless been a close rival when it comes to the product offering, selling by the hundreds of thousands as of last year, amid declining prominence in a market being dominated by smartphone cameras.


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While the cameras built into smartphones can offer professional-quality images, mirrorless cameras get the advantage of greater range through interchangeable lenses versus fixed focal lengths typically found in smartphones.

The mirrorless camera’s rising adoption became most apparent in 2020 when the shipments of the product overtook that of SLRs for the first time, totaling 2.93 million units versus the latter’s 2.37 million units.

Source: Nikkei Asia

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