Ninebot has a new cool-looking toy, the Mecha Kit M1.

The new Ninebot Self-balancing Scooter Mecha Kit M1 is the kind of vehicle toy you might have been dreaming of when you were a kid. You can get it with the kit only so you can play on your smartphone, or get it with the self-balancing scooter for a more realistic experience.


This thing is basically a chair, with two control sticks on the side. You can push forward to accelerate, back to go backward. Each stick controls their side of the wheel for when you’re turning.

It also has two red triggers for the bomb launchers on each side of the armrest. You can have it firing in burst or strife. Clearly, riding this thing feels a lot like being inside a Gundam or Zoids.


The kit comes with a buckle and quick-release screw design so you can assemble it in only five minutes. Since it’s a smart toy, you can control it using your phone via the Ninebot app.

You can get the Ninebot Self-balancing Scooter Mecha Kit for a price of CNY1,399 (around Php10,100), while getting it with the self-balancing scooter will cost you CNY2,498 (around Php18,000).

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