Counterpoint research outs the latest installation of infographics that summarizes the state of the feature and smartphone market.

It shows regional and global market breakdown of how brands are performing. The former is quite interesting as it reveals how most brands are actually doing in select markets, which helps build its global standing.


The breakdown also shows how the dynamics are changing in smartphone versus feature phone sales — which Nokia Mobile, a brand under HMD Global, is showing interesting numbers.

We can’t remember the last time that Nokia Mobile made it to Counterpoint’s top smartphone list. Not even on the top 10.


However, the case is different in the feature phone field, where HMD Global (Nokia Mobile) took the 2nd place in terms of global feature phone shipment, eating 17% of the market share.

It’s next to iTel and followed by Tecno, Samsung, and Lava. Apparently, only 2.8 million of a total of 15.5 million Nokia phones shipped last year were smartphones. That’s overwhelmed by the feature phone sales of 12.7 million.


This isn’t surprising considering how focused they are on creating featuring phones. The brand’s prominence is what helping them sell these kinds of devices.

Clinging on the users’ nostalgia, the company has revived classics like the Nokia 6300, 8000, Nokia 5310, the Banana phone, and more.

Source: Counterpoint Research

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