Nokia BH-121 headset

Mobile phones aren’t the only gadgets that are stylish in Nokia. Many of their accessories aren’t too shabby as well. A couple of days ago, Nokia announced their new accessory: the Nokia BH-121. It’s a Bluetooth device that can turn any 3.5mm headset into a wireless device (but a pair is provided, of course).

It comes in four colors: black, cyan, red, and yellow; colors that most of the Nokia phones come these days. In keeping with their ties to Microsoft, the device is shaped like the Live tiles of their smartphones’ OS, the Windows Phone 8.

The front of the device has a single soft-touch button that’s used for play/pause/calls while the sides have the volume controls, Bluetooth, and track control buttons. There’s also a clip at the back so that you can attach it securely to your clothing.

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Interestingly, it also has NFC, so if your phone has one, then pairing them would be uber simple. If not, it’s not really a hassle to connect it via Bluetooth. If you’re using any of the Lumia phones, then you have a bonus of managing the device via its own Live Tile. I’m not sure, though if other WP8 devices get that Live Tile or whether that’s a Lumia exclusive. We’ll know when it comes out this month. Price is set at EUR 39, or roughly PHP 2,375. It’s kinda pricey but could be worth it. Nokia, please allow us to review it. :-)

[Source: Nokia]

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