Image: Galaxy Tab S7 Plus | u/Account_93 | Reddit

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S20 was plagued with a display issue that shows discoloration in the form of a green tint and the same problem has made a comeback with the recently launched Galaxy Tab S7 series and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Users of Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, Galaxy Tab S7 Plus, and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra report seeing their devices going below a fixed brightness value, which is alluded as being the gadgets themselves about to puke.

Image: Galaxy Note 20 Ultra | u/efuentay216 | Reddit

Considering that most devices affected with the issue were the Exynos-powered ones, it is surprising to see that even the Snapdragon variant, like the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, is also exhibiting a similar issue. 

Early speculations suggest that the issue boils down to the Super AMOLED Drivers and not the actual display hardware.

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Looking into the competition, however, it seems that the issue is not exclusive to Samsung devices as other high-end products from other manufacturers tend to suffer the same plight. 

On the bright side, though, a large majority of the Samsung Galaxy S20 users that did encounter the problem has managed to address it with a single software update, suggesting that the trouble lies not in the hardware.

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