Looking for a cheap postpaid mobile plan with a bundled Android smartphone? Sun Cellular has you covered. Get an O+ USA 8.91 when you subscribe to Sun Plan 450, or a O+ USA 8.37 when you opt for the cheaper Sun Plan 350 instead.

At Sun Plan 450, subscribers are entitled to unlimited calls and texts within the network, along with 250 texts to other networks and a 20-hour allowance for mobile data. The plan comes with the O+ 8.91 smartphone, which we reviewed positively for its great battery life.

The O+ 8.37 is the accompanying handset for Sun Plan 350. We praised this dual core Android smartphone for its durability and decent performance. Subscription perks include free 250 texts to other networks every month and unlimited Sun calls and texts.

O Plus USA Sun Cellular postpaid plans

For inquiries and more information, simply visit any Sun Shop, call the Sun Cellular hotline (02) 395-8000, or visit their website at www.suncellular.com.ph.

[Source: O+ USA]

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