O+ USA increased storage smartphones

O+ USA has announced that they are upgrading the storage of their smartphones so that buyers can capture more memories on their devices.

Along with the promo is the introduction of the O+ Alpha Plus 2.0 – it now comes with 24GB of storage and 2GB of RAM.

O Plus 360 Alpha Plus 2.0

You can now store more music, videos, games, and photos on the following devices listed below: (Click the name of the device to go to our review)

  • O+ ULTRA – 24GB Bigger Memory
  • O+ 360 HD – 24GB Bigger Memory
  • O+ 360 Alpha Plus 2.0 – 24GB Bigger Memory & 2GB RAM
  • O+ 8.38z Android – 16GB Bigger Memory
  • O+ 8.96 Android – 12GB Bigger Memory

The promo is available on all O+ USA Concept, Studios, Kiosks and Multibrand stores nationwide.

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