Limited software support has always been one of the big issues on Android OEM devices. Thankfully, there are brands that are stepping up in offering better after-sales support.

In an announcement, OnePlus President for the Chinese market Li Jie said that their latest smartphones — the OnePlus 11, Ace 2V, and Ace 2 — will all get 4 major updates and 5 years of security patches.

Shipping with Android 13, means that the latest OnePlus 11 flagship will receive up to the Android 17 update.


This move is quite impressive and will surely be appreciated by a lot of consumers. Plus, it puts OnePlus alongside Google and Samsung in terms of rands that offers the longest software support for its flagship devices.

However, it is worth noting that this update came from OnePlus’s Chinese president. We’re yet to hear if the same new rule applies to the global market.

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As per Jie, having this much support will cost the company CNY100 million, or roughly Php798.6 million when directly converted. This looks like quite a commitment so we’ll see how it will affect the company’s pricing on future devices.

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