OPPO is showing some love to the owners of their budget-friendly smartphones.

The company has started seeding the ColorOS 5.2.1 update on the OPPO A3s (2GB and 3GB models), OPPO A83 (2GB and 3GB models), and the OPPO A5.


Although the update will still come with Android 8 Oreo (not Android Pie), it will have new intuitive features that will improve the overall usability of the device.

For one, it now comes with Smart Sidebar, which gives you easy access on your most used apps and other tools. You can also customize all the accessible apps and features in the settings menu.

OPPO is also throwing in their Smart Assistant feature for scanning documents, image translator, and more. Plus, the addition of dual clocks in the Clock app.


The ColorOS 5.2.1 shall also bring the latest Android security patch, just like what the same update brought to the Realme C1. Lastly, OPPO’s Game Space feature that consolidates all your games for easier access is also included.

This news gives us hope that OPPO is taking their after-sales support seriously. Currently, the update is rolling out in India. We shall expect the ColorOS 5.2.1 update to arrive in the Philippines, plus support for other devices like the OPPO F5 and the OPPO F7 in the coming weeks.

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  1. Just updated my realme c1 and to tell you the truth, i wasn’t happy the way the icons looked, it now has sharp edges, i wished to get the way they looked when i took the phone out of the box. I guess there is no way to do that now unless i get a launcher, which i hate.