OPPO boosts after-sales service, will repair your device in 1 hour


The after-sales service is still one of the major concerns of most smartphone consumers today. But OPPO, one of the leading brands in the industry, is trying to step things up.

In a recent announcement, OPPO said that they can repair your device in as fast as 1 hour when you personally go to their service centers. On the other hand, delivered units will only have a service time of 2 days. That’s insanely fast in our book.

The OPPO customer service centers are available not just in the metro, but also in other provinces nationwide. To see the full list, you can check the service center locations here.

The F3 and F3 Plus, the A57, and other new and old OPPO smartphones have a sturdy, all-metal unibody build. However, none of them are safe from internal problems and failures. That’s the reason why having a service like this is really necessary.

It’s nice to see that OPPO is highlighting their after-sales service. This can boost the consumer’s trust in the brand as they will feel safe and confident that they are still being taken care of even after the sale has been made.


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