For many years, climate change has been one of the biggest issues in the world. Extreme weather conditions and natural disasters are caused by human’s neglect and abuse of mother Earth. Thankfully, a lot of tech companies are stepping up to do something about it, and more recently, OPPO has joined in.

During its MWC 2023 presentation, OPPO pledges to be carbon neutral by the year 2050. The company believes that parallel advancement in science and technology can greatly help in protecting the environment.

OPPO revealed their plans to be carbon neutral in their OPPO Climate Action Report: Climate Pledges and Low Carbon Development Strategy.

With the help of global consultancy firm Deloitte, the report outlines the five major areas that the company will work hard to address to achieve its ultimate goal:

  1. lowering the carbon footprint of their products;
  2. implement low-carbon manufacturing;
  3. using technology to manage carbon emissions;
  4. putting money into alternatives that generate less carbon;
  5. and collaborate on industry standards that will help address climate change.

“Achieving our goal of becoming carbon neutral will require both determination and patience. Guided by our mission of ‘Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World’, we promise to pursue carbon neutrality with the same zeal and commitment that we invest in our technological innovation,” said OPPO Founder and CEO Tony Chen.

In its MWC 2023 booth, OPPO also showcased the first prototype that uses Zero-Power technology. Also on display are the new Find N2 Flip, WiFi 6 router AX5400, 45W Liquid Cooler, and more.

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