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One of the key factors in creating a smartphone is research and development. Almost every manufacturer has this department in their organization, but OPPO is taking it a step further by creating a full-blown research institute.

According to the report, the OPPO Research Institute will have different branches across the globe. Its headquarters is located in Shenzhen, China, but it will also build branches in Shanghai and Dongguan.

OPPO will be putting up R&Ds in Yokohama in Japan, and also in the most prominent tech location in the world — Silicon Valley in the United States.

The institute will be headed by Mr. Liu Chang.

OPPO research institute

Other than this announcement, OPPO also said that they are partnering with different universities around the world to strengthen their R&D power. Currently, the company is working with Stanford University and New York Univerisity, which are helping them develop AI and 5G technologies.

With this move, OPPO can introduce new features to their devices and also have their new innovative technologies licensed by other brands.

Source: iFeng

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