OPPO has always been a customer-centric brand so it comes to no surprise that they’ve released customer care solutions in order to serve their patrons better.

OPPO has launched the 1-Hour Flash Fix program which allows the users to get their devices assessed and even serviced in just an hour. This is a new feature that will surely be welcomed by all OPPO users, especially those who are only experiencing minor issues.


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Along with the 1-Hour Flash Fix program, OPPO has also launched an International Warranty ServiceThis will allow users to have their units serviced/repaired even though they’re not physically in their home country. A new program that will surely benefit our OFWs abroad.

Aside from these customer care programs, OPPO has also launched the new OPPO Service App. This app will provide users a convenient way to find nearby service centers, track their repairs and even chat with online consultants.

Here’s a more detailed look of the OPPO Service App’s features

  1. Book a Repair – With this feature, customers will be able to book appointments with ease. They’ll also be given priority passes when they bring their units to the service center. Also, since they booked through the app, they’ll have the privilege to use the priority VIP lane.
  2. Find a service center – You will be able to find service centers near you. You’ll also be given a choice whether to enable GPS location services for easy searching.
  3. Check warranty status – All you need is a verification code. Once you have it with you, simply enter said code and you’ll be able to check if your unit is still under warranty.
  4. Track repair status – Once a unit is booked for repair, the entire process will be available for the user to view.
  5. Diagnose unit – This built-in feature is capable of diagnosing the unit to determine if there are any hardware malfunctions that needs to be fixed.
  6. Check spare parts price – OPPO is being transparent with their users by giving them the ability to display the prices of the most commonly replaced parts. This will give users an idea on how much they should be shelling out for the repair.
  7. Chat function – Users will also be able to real-time chat with OPPO representatives to answer any of their inquiries.

What do you think of OPPO’s new consumer-friendly programs? Do you think other phone brands should implement this as well? Let us know down in the comments section!

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