The Philippines continues to climb the rankings in global internet speeds for June 2022.

Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index reveals that the Philippines is continuously experiencing improved internet speeds on both mobile and fixed broadband as it went up in the rankings for both categories.


For mobile internet, the Philippines is now in the top 88. That’s 3 spots higher compared to last month. We’re just three steps lower than Russia.

The country was able to record median download and upload speeds of 21.41Mbps and 5.55Mbps, respectively, with a latency of 23ms.


For fixed broadband, the Philippines is now 5 spots higher on the ranks at 53. The country is 3 spots higher than the United Kingdom.

The country was able to record an impressive 68.94Mbps of median speeds for download and 65.07Mbps for upload. Latency averages at 6ms.


Ookla reveals that Smart Communications still provides the fastest median download speeds at 24.07Mbps. It is followed by the newcomer, DITO Telecommunity, with 16.96Mbps, then Globe Telecom at 15.25Mbps.


Albeit, Globe has better latency at 23ms while DITO is at 25ms. Smart still dominates at 19ms.

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It may not be on top in terms of actual speeds, but Ookla gave Globe the highest consistency score of 79.4%, followed by Smart at 77.7% and DITO with 74.3%.

Meanwhile, 5G performance on locally available 5G phones has the best speeds on Smart SIM cards with a median speed of 200.43Mbps. Quite a lead over Globe’s 121.29Mbps median speeds.


In terms of the best cities with the fastest speeds, Caloocan City takes the lead with average download and upload speeds of 25.71Mbps and 6.95Mbps, respectively.

It is followed by Quezon City, Manila, and metro provinces such as Davao City and Cebu City.

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