It is uncommon for most of us to use alcohol or hand sanitizers back when there was hardly any fear of a virus. However, it has become somewhat mandatory to do so, especially when entering public buildings. 

A Filipino youth inventor has just come up with an awesome invention to make sure even sanitizing our hands practices security and convenience: that’s right, a motion-activated dispenser is born. 

Meet Angelo Casimiro, an electronics and communications engineering student who shared his recent machinery to the public. According to Casimiro, this was an idea conceived during the lockdown period. He proceeded to work on this concept through recyled materials such as coffee jars, used USB cables, as well as plastic tubes. 

He also shared how he made the contraption function through a pump, transistor, and low-cost motion sensors. Casimiro went on to explain that proper hygiene is a practice strictly observed these days; that is why he perceives a contactless dispenser to be a huge contribution towards these careful times. 

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This isn’t the first invention young Casimiro has been working on; in fact, ever since he was 10 years old, he has been working on various inventions and presenting them online. His works include a home-made powerbank, or even a fully-functioning, life-sized BB8 droid from the Star Wars films. 

His works led him to a recognition at the Google Science Fair Philippines where his electricity generating in-sole footwear—a contraption which could charge a cellphone—was noticed. 

According to the inventor Filipinos are naturally resourceful: we could tap on our imagination and harness materials to fulfill ideas and concepts. 

In a time such as this, it is quite a delight to hear that people—especially the youth—are making use of their time to not only have fun, but as well as to find ways in helping the country get through our tribulations in their own little ways. 

Source: GMA News

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