We’ve recently attended PLDT’s Tech Island event at Pico de Loro, Nasugbu Batangas – an invite-only exclusive event filled with breakout sessions, and talks about businesses.

Our tech blogger friends and I decided to join the bus at SM Mall of Asia. We departed at around 7am and proceeded to travel to Batangas for around 2-3 hours. Despite the long wait, we enjoyed the trip because of the nice view we’ve seen along the way.


The gathering’s focal point was on Small Medium Enterprises. It started out with an introduction from Grace Lee, the celebrity host for the afternoon event. They conducted several games which required the participants to text the correct answers to a certain number. The winners received brand new smartphones and tablets as prizes.

An inspirational talk from Gary Whitehill, the Founder and CEO of Entrepreneur week and Burst, commenced shortly. He shared his experiences in building up start-ups and making it grow better through the right tools, discipline, and attitude. Smart Communication’s very own Developer Evangelist and IdeaSpace startup evangelist, Mr. Paul Pajo, followed with his own set of interesting topics and shared his knowledge about businesses, start-ups, and teamwork in a witty presentation.


In general, the PLDT event taught and made participants realize how big of an edge it is to have technology on their side. They promoted technological advancements and explained how PLDT’s new services can immensely improve their business. The night ended with a fun-filled beach party with lots of foods and drinks, band performance and giveaways of cool prizes like Samsung Chromebooks, Tablets, Smartphones, and Smart TVs.


During the event, it was announced that starting from now the #PLDTTechIsland will be held annually to educate SMEs on tech topics through interactive seminars. It was sponsored by PLDT SME Nation, Smart Enterprise, Sun Business and ePLDT in partnership with ABM Global Solutions, Microsoft Philippines, Ideaspace, Cisco Systems Inc., IPC, and Voyager.

You can visit the official Tech Island PLDT SME Nation website here. You can also follow PLDT SME Nation on Facebook and Twitter.

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