Qualcomm has introduced three new mobile processors—the Snapdragon 212, 412, and 616—to replace this aging trio: the Snapdragon 210, 410, and 615.

There isn’t much to get excited about the new processors; they only add a couple of minor improvements. These include bumping the clock speed a little and increasing the memory bandwidth.

The Snapdragon 212, like its predecessor Snapdragon 210, is an entry-level chip. The quad-core processor is still based on ARM Cortex-A7, but the speed has increased from 1.1GHz to 1.3GHz. No changes were made to the Adreno 304 graphics, X5 LTE modem and Wi-Fi 802.11n antenna either.

Meanwhile, the Snapdragon 412 is the follow-up to the Snapdragon 410. Its clock speed and memory interface has increased from 1.2GHz to 1.4GHz and from 533MHz to 600MHz, respectively. It retains the quad-core A53 procressor, Adreno 306 graphics and 4G LTE modem. The integrated Wi-Fi now supports Wi-Fi 802.11ac.

Finally, the Snapdragon 616 supersedes the Snapdragon 615. It features four A53 processors clocked at 1.7GHz and four A53s at 1.2GHz. In comparison, the Snapdragon 615’s second set of quad-core processors is only clocked at 1GHz.

All three processors still use the 28nm LP manufacturing process.

[Source: Qualcomm 1 2 3]

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