Benchmark apps give us a more tangible number to gauge how a device performs in certain tasks. However, cheating on these apps is easy, and we’ve seen brands being busted over the years.

This time, Realme is at the center of attention for apparently cheating on AnTuTu with the Realme GT, possibly the most popular mobile benchmark app in the market.


Before it came out in the market, Realme VP Qi Chase posted an AnTuTu benchmark score of their latest flagship. In a screenshot posted, the device got a score of 770,221 points. That’s noticeably higher than other Snapdragon 888-powered devices that max out at 710,000.

In fact, even Qualcomm’s reference design only managed to pull a 735,439 score.

After the post, the folks at AnTuTu got suspicious. So they waited until the device got released in the market so they can test it themselves. They bought the top-tier 12GB/256GB model and even have a receipt to show up for it.

Image: AnTuTu |Weibo

The folks at AnTuTu ran the benchmark themselves and got a score of around 750,000. However, upon investigation, they found two problems.

First, there’s the multi-core test. Apparently, the Realme GT has a scheduler holding a couple of threads on the small CPU cores until they can run on the bigger cores.

Image: AnTuTu |Weibo

Second, there’s the issue in the UX test, particularly on the JPG image decompression. AnTuTu noticed that the Realme GT is skipping a lot of the JPG decompression processing, resulting in pixelated image samples with gaps. It’s unnoticeable to the users as decompressed images are not shown to them.

Image: AnTuTu |Weibo

As a consequence, AnTuTu said that they would be banning Realme GT scores for three months. After that, if Realme updates its software, it shall be reinstated to the popular benchmarking app. If not, they will be banned temporarily.

A spokesperson from Realme said that they believe they didn’t break any rules and are working with AnTuTu to fix the issue.

Currently, the AnTuTu 9 version is in the works that will have more robust anti-cheating features.

Via: GSMArena

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