Realme wants to strengthen its 5G technology by spending USD300 million in research and development.

The investment will help Realme put up 7 R&D centers spread across the globe. In a press release, Realme CEO Sky Li claims they are the “populizer of 5G” on the global stage.

Realme’s main focus is to populate 70% of its portfolio with high-performance and affordable 5G smartphones in the next two years. An appropriate goal as they go after younger generation of users in markets like India, Europe, and Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines.

The company is really dedicated to 5G that they also plan to put up 10 5G pop-up stores, which will come with experience zones tailored for the hip and young audience. These stores will feature 5G technology used in cloud gaming and ultra HD live streaming with AR (augmented reality).

Realme will allocate about 90% of its R&D budget towards 5G technology, product, and application scenario development.


Besides consumer products, Realme also plans to enter the 5G construction business by collaborating with telcos, ISPs, and others. Perfect timing as Huawei, one of the leading Chinese names on the field, is currently struggling.

The company will also strengthen its AIoT lineup by taking a “smartphone and AIoT” dual approach. Realme promises to release 100 AIoT products this year.

Erratum: Updated the article to correct USD30 million to USD300 million as per Realme confirmation.

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