Electric cars are more than just geeky, eco-friendly vehicles anymore, and the new Rimac Nevera proves that.

While we wait for the Tesla Roadster to come out, let’s lust over the new Rimac Nevera, which is a production version of the electric hypercar concepts we’ve seen before.


The Nevera has one electric motor on each of its four wheels and is powered by a 120kWh battery pack. The company claims it can make 1.4MW of power, which is equivalent to 1,914 horsepower.

Its quad-motor configuration and aerodynamic design make its 60mph-in-1.85 seconds possible. It can also do 100mph acceleration in 4.3 seconds and do 0-186mph in only 9.3 seconds.


Such high speeds require a regenerative braking system with Brembo’s 390mm CCMR carbon-ceramic discs and six-piston calipers.

Being a supercar, the Rimac Nevera is built for speed and modernity. It has a monocoque construction, which is the largest single carbon-fiber piece in the car industry. It helps drop the weight and improve safety.


As for the tech, Rimac claims it has the first AI Driver Coach in the world. It’s equipped with 6 radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors, and 13 cameras to aid drivers in driving, accelerating, braking, and turning.

Owners also have a chance to customize their cars. Rimac’s personalization programs will allow buyers to design their own Nevera by picking their desired trims and material options. They can also choose between Bespoke, Timeless, Signature, and GT editions.

A car this fancy will have limited availability. Interested buyers can only get it at Rimac dealer partners around the globe. It’s available in 19 cities in North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

Oh, and for the price, the Remac Nevera will cost a jaw-dropping price of EUR2 million (around Php95 million). Only 150 units will be made.

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