Samsung is preparing to launch its own crypto exchange platform in 2023 after new legislation in South Korea favors cryptocurrency.

In fact, Samsung has been planning to invest in the crypto sector for quite some time. But now that the new South Korean president is encouraging companies to enter crypto, big companies like Samsung are now planning to accelerate their investments.

Samsung entering the crypto segment couldn’t come at a better time as the previous administration shut down tons of crypto exchange platforms in 2021, which drastically eliminated competition.

The tech company started to dip its toes in crypto as early as 2019 after its high-end smartphones came with a secure crypto wallet.


Also, just recently, a new version of Samsung Wallet allowed users to have a more secure blockchain experience.

The full details and exact release date of the Samsung crypto exchange platform are yet to be known. But we’ll sure hear more about it in the coming months.

Via: GizmoChina

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