Together with the new flagship smartphone and smartwatch, Samsung has also introduced their new smart speaker dubbed as the Galaxy Home. 

Even though nobody really liked Bixby, Samsung is still determined to shove it up on our faces so they are continuing to use it on their products. Smart speakers aren’t new, but this is probably the first time that the South Korean company is joining the game.

The Samsung Galaxy Home features an eight fear-field microphone for voice recognition which can pick up sound across the room. As the name suggests, the smart speaker is powered by Samsung’s proprietary Bixby smart assistant, instead of going with Google Home‘s software.

During the launch, Samsung tested out the capabilities of 160 Galaxy Home speakers by playing the introduction music right from the units themselves.


The Galaxy Home has a subwoofer and loudspeakers that produces deep bass and rich sound, with the directional speakers tuned by AKG. It is also compatible to work with other Samsung products in their smart home ecosystem.

In addition, Spotify and Samsung are now working together to help link their respective accounts to sync across Samsung products and the SmartThings software.

Samsung is yet to announce the official pricing and availability of the Galaxy Home, but they are scheduled to reveal it at the Samsung Developers’ Conference happening in the next few months.

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