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The Apple Pencil is an expensive accessory at Php5,890 a pop but is designed specifically for certain Apple devices only, particularly the 6th-gen iPad or the iPad Pro. 

But if you are among those who had no wits about this tiny accessory and had bought it for your older model iPad or even with your iPhone, you will be out of luck as it will never work out. That was indeed the case until this amazing hack comes along.

The Apple Pencil may sound like another Apple gimmick. But for something so little that it looks like just any other pointing device akin to a pen, this supplemental hardware actually does wonders when used with a compatible device such as the 10.9 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro and the 2018 version of the iPad.

Essentially a pencil by functionality in a virtual environment, the pen lets users annotate over documents and images as well as enable users to draw or sketch which is significantly better than using one’s fingertip or any other pointing device.

It’s really a waste for something so handy not to work on older Apple devices when, in actuality, they do work.

Here’s how you can use the Apple Pencil on older iPhones and iPads.

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So, this “hack” may not something that will appeal to everybody as it involves a process of, according to iDeviceHelp, wrapping multiple stacks of slightly wet napkin around the pen device just on top of the actual tip. Without going pedantic as to the mechanics that make the hack functional, the method actually does work—it’s practically black magic.

The method may be a little inconvenient for some. But if you are really that person who got hold of the accessory and had no intention of buying the latest compatible Apple products, then, by all means, follow this trick.

Yet, on the other hand, if you are the person who has the budget to actually afford the latest iPad products, specifically the ones compatible with the Apple Pen, then you might want to rethink applying this method.

However, one major downside to applying this hack is that the process is not a one-time thing. Meaning, once your damped napkin had dried off, you would have to repeat the same procedure again and may imply requiring you to bring with you damp napkin at all times or as needed.

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