Just when we thought we could leave the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco in the past, history is trying to repeat itself as a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has just been reported to have caught on fire.

Diane Chung, a real estate agent from New York, said that her new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 became “extremely hot” whilse using it last September 3. Chung stopped using it and placed it back in her purse, probably in an attempt to cool it down.

While inside an elevator, the user heard a whistling and screeching sound then noticed a thick smoke coming out of her purse. She tried to take out the device by unloading all of her purse’s contents inside the elevator floor.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 continued to catch on fire until a passerby helped Chung by picking it up using a cloth and submerged it in a bucket of water.

All of the aforementioned details are part of the lawsuit that Chung filled on the Queens Supreme Court.


This new incident is similar to the issue that the Galaxy Note 7 had in 2016. According to the company, the culprit behind the exploding Note 7s was the battery. Samsung found out that there were deflections in the negative electrode in the battery module, which caused a short circuit.

Samsung has put up different testing measures to assure that the same problem will not happen again.

With that in mind, we expect Samsung to take this new issue with the Galaxy Note 9 very seriously. In fact, the tech giant already released a statement saying that they’re already “investigating the matter” and emphasized that this is the first time that they have received this kind of complaint on their latest flagship smartphone.

Source: New York Post

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