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During the launch of the new iPhone XR and iPhone XS, Apple announced tons of new features but one of the key highlights was the improved camera performance.

Previously, the iPhone’s Portrait mode can only be used while taking the shot of the actual photo. In the new iPhones, the bokeh level can now be adjusted even after the shot has been taken.

This isn’t an entirely new feature because it’s been available to Android smartphones for a while now, but it’s a first for any Apple device. It was demonstrated on-stage and the effect worked very well. Playing with the settings can adjust the level of blurriness of the background, as well as shifting the focus point letting the users pick the perfect balance for each image.


An app called Focos which has the same functionality is available in Apple App Store. It’s free for the most part, but it also has a in-app purchases option for add-ons with extended capability. Since Apple’s depth-of-field has an API, the results produced by Focos should be pretty close with what is natively offered in the new iPhones’ camera app.

While the post-processed photos might not look exactly like Apple’s implementation, the Focos app shows that the technology already existed way before they showed it off on their keynote. However, even though it’s not entirely reliant on hardware, older iPhones like the iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X won’t probably get it officially even though it’s just a software update away. We’re not surprised, though, as it’s one of the key selling points of the newer models.

That’s the same case for Animojis which never made its way to legacy devices despite a software workaround being available. Apple argued that the feature uses extra sensors which are part of the iPhone X’s facial recognition technology, but Android manufacturers has showed us that it’s doable with just the front-facing camera alone.



How to get adjustable bokeh and focus adjustment on iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 7 Plus

Step 1: Download Focos on the App Store.

Step 2: Launch the app and take a photo using Focos or select an image from your gallery to edit.


Step 3: Adjust the and bokeh level by dragging the aperture slider from f/20.0 up to f/1.4.

Step 4: Alternatively, you can also adjust the focus point of the shot and put a different subject in focus.


Step 5: Save the image and you’re done.

Voila! You have successfully adjusted the bokeh level and focus point of photos from your old iPhone.

We’re not yet sure how good the iPhone XS and iPhone XR’s bokeh and focus adjustment performance as they won’t arrive in the hands of the consumers until next week. However, we hope that it’s significantly better than Focos’ implementation, or else we will be very disappointed.

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