Android vs iOS smartphone loyalty

Security researchers who took a deeper look between Intelligent Scan, a touted feature of both Galaxy S9 and S9+, versus iPhone X’s Face ID had found the former to be inferior to that of the latter. This is thanks to the presence of TrueDepth sensor within the premium Apple iPhone X, compared to a regular sensor on Samsung.

Facial recognition to be used for security is not necessarily entirely new in the industry. For the tech-savvy who had been actively following the scene would recall that the predecessor to Samsung’s present flagship—the Galaxy S8—has had this feature as well. But the feature itself is not necessarily fool-proof as it can easily be tricked with just a mere photo which is a major flaw in the system’s design.

As it appears, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are still using the same old iris scanner system but only with an improvement in how fast it works, not concerning security. Basically, the Intelligent Scan in both the S9 and S9+ is just a rehash of the previous version as far as basic capability is concerned.

That is a shame given that Apple’s Face ID on the iPhone X has somehow become the epitome of not only fast facial recognition system but, most importantly, a secure one that is not as easily tricked as the Intelligent Scan.

If anything, this is bad news for Samsung as it is something that will tarnish its existing flagship smartphones reputation as premium devices which are in the same tier with Apple’s high-end iPhone X.

Source: CNET

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