Samsung NX30

Samsung seem to be all around the place before the upcoming CES event. Not too long, they made a couple of product announcements to generate buzz for their CES booth, namely the new chipset and the new Galaxy Camera 2. Now, they have announced a new flagship device for their mirrorless camera lineup, the NX30!

Samsung NX30 Specs

  • 20 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor (max resolution of 5472 x 3648)
  • ISO 100 – 25600
  • Hybrid Auto-Focus (Contrast Detect + Phase Detect)
  • 3″ Fully Articulated AMOLED LCD with LiveView
  • 30 sec to 1/8000 sec shutter speed
  • pop-up flash
  • 1080p at 60fps video
  • WiFi b/g/n, NFC, USB 2.0, SD
  • 5.0 x 3.8 x 1.6 in., 375 g
  • 2.4MP tiltable electronic viewfinder

Its specs certainly pack quite a punch for a flagship device. As a mirrorless camera afficionado (I espouse the micro 4/3 format), that hybrid AF is certainly very note-worthy. The fully articulated LCD is also very useful, and so is the tiltable EVF for capturing your subject in your intended composition in difficult angles. For videos, one very notable feature is its ability to stream up to 1080p at 30fps, giving it the ability to act as a Full HD remote camera!

Alongside the camera, though, is the announcement of Samsung’s Premium S Lenses (pro lenses, a la Canon’s L series and Nikon’s gold-trimmed lenses), the first of which would be the 16-50mm f/2.0-2.8 lens. The NX30 will come either with this lens, or if you want a less pricier package, you can opt for the new 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 pancake lens. Like the other announcements, pricing and availability are kept mum. We’ll have to wait for CES for those info. For now, hit up the sources if you want to know more about this camera.


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