Samsung took the tech industry by storm this year by releasing the first phones with 3GB of RAM, first with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and then the Samsung Galaxy Round. And while the need isn’t there, heck we can’t even utilize 2GB to the fullest – and wait till we get the advantage of Android 4.4 KitKat’s Project Svelte, having that much amount of RAM is still very much appreciated.

But while other manufacturers may be scrambling to incorporate 3GB RAM into their flagship phones next year, it seems that Samsung may yet again one-up the standards.

Today, Samsung Electronics have just announced that they have developed the industry’s first eight gigabit (1GB), low power double data rate 4 (LPDDR4), mobile DRAM. This chip could make it possible for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets to make use of 4GB RAM. The new chip also makes use of a higher bandwidth (3.1Gbps), which could theoretically provide 50 percent speed boost over existing DDR3-based chips, all the while sipping 40% less power at 1.1 volts.

Like I said a whle ago, while the need isn’t currently there, it doesn’t mean that this much RAM would be overkill for long. The biggest application for this would be processing Ultra HD displays and content, something that may become standard next year, the same way that 1080p has become the standard for flagship devices in 2013. Even now, we’re hearing rumors of high-end devices sporting 4K resolution, and even some high-end phones being able to record videos in 4K. Something tells me that 2014 is going to be really exciting indeed!

[Sources: Engadget, Samsung Tomorrow]

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  1. mga local brand natin 2gb ram palang nilalabas… tapos samsung lalabas na sila ng 4gb ram tapos sure octa core na naman yan wow.. samsung the best

  2. buti sana kung 4gb na ram tas x86 ang architecture para malagyan ng desktop os para naman magamit ung 4gb ano ba yan android lang yan naku naman eto talagang mga companies gradual pa ung release sana last year yan nilabas