Apple’s Smart Battery Case was introduced to prolong the battery life of hardcore iPhone users.

However, it appears that some owners of Smart Battery Cases for the 2018 iPhones are experiencing some issues. These cases are made for the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. This is why Apple has announced a Smart Battery Case Replacement Program for affected products.


If you own these eligible products, and you’re experiencing the listed problems, you can have your case replaced for free:

  • The battery case is not charging or charges intermittently every time you plug it in.
  • The battery case doesn’t charge the connected iPhone or charges it intermittently.

As per Apple, the affected products were manufactured from January 2019 until October 2019. Apple wants to assure everyone that it’s not a safety issue — which means that it won’t explode or anything.


However, intermittent charging or defective chargers can still harm your device’s battery. Which is why Apple is replacing it for free.

Just like their previous replacement program, availing the Apple Smart Battery Case Replacement Program is really easy and convenient.


In the Philippines, you can head on to Apple’s ‘Get Support’ website, log in your Apple account, key in your location, and tap ‘Continue’.

You are then shown a map of Authorized Apple Service Centers near you. Power Mac Centers, Switch branches, and more are available.


You can click which service center branch you prefer and pick a schedule. You are then given a digital ticket, which you should present when you head on to the service center on the chosen schedule.

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