Remember when we said Smart’s free, unlimited LTE only lasts until March 31? It turns out the local telecom wants to keep its promo going, with the new cutoff date now set at September 30, 2014.

In response to several concerned followers, Smart’s official Twitter account has been sending out tweets with the following information:

  • The offer is extended until September 30, 2014.
  • To clarify, the unlimited LTE service has no data cap.
  • Both prepaid and postpaid subscribers (specifically Infinity Plans, iPhone Plans, LTE and Unli Data Plans) are covered by the extended LTE promo.

[Source: Twitter]

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  1. hindi totoo walang data limit ang LTE nila. once you reach pre-set cap, your speeds will degrade to less than .5 Mbps until you call *888 to have your sim card reset (or as they call it “realigned”). it’s a scam really. i have 5 sim cards all LTE and all 5 have been rendered “aligned” so useless. a regular 3g bro sim is so much faster at more than 1 Mbps speeds.

    1. Ganto din sakin. after ko makapag data ng est. 6gb, hindi na ako makapag internet kahit 3g lang. huhu. pangatlong sim card ko na. information hiding nila. mga tactics ng smart pang promote.

    1. I think the free, unlimited LTE is for those who have registered for a prepaid/postpaid Internet subscription of Smart

    2. you need to be subscribed to an LTE service. It says free unlimited LTE because normally the LTE services have caps but only Globe is implementing the caps strictly as of the moment.