Now that Globe has obviously frustrated its subscriber base with its strict Fair Use Policy, many are pondering on their available choices. For one, Smart has extended its free, unlimited LTE access on its UnliData postpaid plans until March 31.

If users avail of the service this early February, they still get to enjoy more than a month of free, unlimited LTE access without having to worry about data caps. As our readers have commented in our previous post, what’s the point of having a supposedly unlimited LTE connection when there’s actually a data cap? To be fair, Globe’s service does offer unlimited access. It’s just slowed down to 2G if ever you reach the data cap (which is normally unlikely).

Once Smart’s free LTE ends on March 31, subscribers will have to use the slower 3G connection to avoid getting charged with additional fees. Alternately, they can choose to upgrade to the LTE 995 plan on top of their current postpaid plan to continue with the all-access 4G service. To some, the extra Php995 monthly charge on their phone bills for an unhindered LTE access is still better than a 3G-per-month allocation. For some others, Globe may have just improved the quality of its services by restraining the data abusers.

[Source: YugaTech]

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  1. LOL bakit galit kayo sa Noypigeeks? Heck alam naman natin na mas quality talaga ang service ng Smart, I’m using both networks and yes based on my experience Smart has way more better internet offerings than Globe kung tutuusin mas dapat galit kayo sa networks hindi sa mga blogs, for me ok lang naman mag demand or icondemn eh nagbabayad tayo sa kanila and we deserve a quality service,

  2. Sticking with globe. As soon as the so called “heavy data users” leave, the network should be better for the rest of us. Looking forward

  3. Dear Noypigeeks, please don’t ruin your reputation for everyone, and stop making your cheap sell-out this obvious. A lot of tech bloggers make that mistake.

    Now this is OBVIOUSLY a paid by Smart.

    “tech news” as you’d categorize this post is supposed to be unbiased. Get your act together.