Smart Communications has a new promo that allows its subscribers to loan 20 minutes of mobile data as they need it. This feature is the almost the same as the SOS Load introduced by the company a few years ago.

As of this writing, Smart’s free internet is still running strong which means that you can access Facebook for free and get another 30MB on top of that. However, for those who already used up their allocated data usage, the SOS SURF10 can be handy especially if you have zero balance on your account.


To enroll in Smart’s SOS SURF10, type SOS10 and send it to 7676. A confirmation message should greet you that you got Php1 airtime balance and 20 minutes of mobile data. Php10 will be deducted the next time you load up your prepaid account.

[Source: Smart | Via: Yugatech]

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