So Smart just unloaded a bomb today. Manny Pangilinan, affectionately known as MVP by many, just announced that the telco will be giving their active prepaid subscribers free internet for the next 2 months! How? Just text FREE to 9999 and get 30MB of data!

The catch? Well, there’s always a catch, but in this case, it’s not that bad. You can use it to browse your favorite sites, stream music through Smart’s Spinnr service, shop online, search through the likes of Google and Yahoo, and check your emails. The only thing you’ll start getting regular charges for is for downloading/streaming/watching videos like on Youtube, using VoIP apps, messaging apps, and peer-to-peer file sharing.

So basically, you can do all the low volume internet stuff every day for the next 2 months until November 30, 2014 for free! Of course, you’ll have to register daily though. And should you use any excluded service, you’ll be charged, so you’ve been warned.

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