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Solar Philippines, one of the leading companies that push renewable energy in the country, has proposed to be the power supplier for Meralco — making this news not only good for the consumers, but for the environment as well.

Meralco, the biggest electrical power distributor in the Philippines, has opened a bidding process for the competitive selection of who can supply affordable power.

One of those who joined the bidding is Solar Philippines, who has submitted an offer of Php2.99 per kWh. That’s noticeably cheaper than the Php4.74 per kWh average generation of Meralco in the last three months.

As per Leandro Leviste, Solar Philippines President, Meralco can save an average of 30% all thanks to the improvements in solar technology and battery storage.

Solar Philippines will go head-to-head against NatGas’ proposal, which already has a 414MW gas power plant in Batangas.

But to prove that Solar Philippines’ offering already works, the company has recently put up ab NW-scale micro-grid in Palauan Occidental Mindoro. The entire town gets reliable 24/7 power from a solar battery source.

But to follow Department of Energy’s policy, Meralco is required to be thorough in the selection process. This means that they might still be open to other bidders.

However, a recent report suggests that Meralco is seriously considering both Solar Philippines and NatGas’s proposals to diversify the energy source mix.

Source: Business Mirror

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