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Some iPhone X users are having trouble getting phone calls


Apple’s iPhone X was just uncovered last November 2017 and since then, many users have reported several complaints about Apple’s flagship.

Besides the device’s overheating issues, Face ID malfunction and unresponsive screen, iPhone X users now experience another fiasco which involves lag when receiving phone calls.

According to the reports gathered from the Apple Communities, they described the problem as this: a call comes in and they can hear the device ring. As any mobile phone does, iPhone X is supposed to light up (sometimes also vibrates, as custom-set by the user) and offer options to decline or accept – but it actually doesn’t, which leaves the user missing calls.

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Complaints started to emerge last December and insist until today. Some users have personally approached Apple centers and say their smartphone was replaced with a new one. However, the same issues have occurred.

On the other hand, customers who called into Apple Customer Care claimed that they were suggested to try a hard reset and/or software update, but it didn’t get fixed.

Like all other disputes, it seems like Apple is treating this fairly seriously. Engadget was told that Apple has been “looking into these reports”. No follow-up has been reported as of the moment.

Sources: Apple Communities, Engadget


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