Starmobile opens phone assembly line in PH

Starmobile Factory Philippines

Starmobile is leading the race of producing phones locally. The Philippine phone brand has opened a facility in Calamba, Laguna that allows them to assemble mobile devices.

Since this is just the beginning, Starmobile can only assemble products locally. Vital components like the circuit boards, LCD displays, batteries, and more are still being outsourced. Mass producing these crucial parts requires a more advanced manufacturing capability.

At Starmobile’s Calamba facility, the brand announced that it initiated the assembly of 20,000 units of their UNO B208 feature phone. And by judging the video above, handwork is dominated by machines on the process.

“Since we started five years ago, it has been the company’s goal to contribute to the local economy and provide employment by assembling phones in the Philippines,” Michael Chen, Starmobile COO.

Starmobile is only one of the few Philippine-branded smartphone companies in the Philippines. And it is no secret that, despite representing our flag, a lot of them are still conducting the manufacturing process abroad.

But with the reports that the labor costs in China are getting higher, we can expect that local brands — even the international ones — will resort to other alternatives like the Philippines. In turn, it can help the economy by creating jobs.


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