Users can never have enough when it comes to computer storage. Files, videos and music accumulate in your device over time, and before you know it you’ve run out of disk space. It’s no wonder the likes of Samsung released a high-capacity hard drive—is 16TB of storage good enough?

That’s more than enough, even when it’s technically listed as only 15.36TB. In fact, this new Samsung hard drive called PM1633a breaks the record as the world’s largest hard drive while fitting everything inside a 2.5-inch case. Even making it more interesting is its use of the 256 gigabit NAND flash die technology, which makes it a solid state drive.

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Storage drives based on flash memory typically boast remarkable read-write speeds instead of having large storage capacities, but the PM1633a has them both. Offerings from competition don’t go beyond 10TB. To demonstrate its speed at the Flash Memory Summit, Samsung built a server using 48 PM1633a hard drives. It’s capable of 2,000,000 input/output operations per second (IOPS), whereas a consumer-grade SSD can only go up to 90,000 IOPS.

Naturally, 16TB doesn’t come cheap. Think of a price that’s north of $5,000. And it won’t be available anytime soon for the regular consumer; it’s targeted at the enterprise market.


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