Facebook wants you to blog, but it doesn’t want you to leave its platform. Remember its Notes section? It’s being revamped with new features, so you can blog there to your heart’s content.

Hold your horses; you can’t blog just yet using the revamped Notes. If you visit it now in its current state, it merely offers simple formatting options, the ability to add photos and tags—basically things you can do with a status update for your Wall. You’re better off with status updates for now, really. They have better exposure, whereas jotting down your thoughts in Notes seem like a waste of time.

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But a Facebook spokesperson has told TheNextWeb that an update is in progress. In fact, a few select users are already testing the revamped Facebook Notes, which reportedly lets you use cover photos, tag users, resize photos, add links and hashtags, and more.

It’s also visually different, as each note (or blog) covers the entire page and doesn’t have a side bar. See it for yourself through the Facebook link below. The whole new look apparently has some similarities to Medium, a blogging platform that seems to be the popular choice for techies and thought leaders.

Facebook hasn’t mentioned when it will make the new Notes available to more people.

[Via TheNextWeb, Facebook]

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